Increase Your Curb Appeal With Ease

Increase Your Curb Appeal With Ease

Schedule vinyl siding installation in Brick, NJ and throughout the surrounding areas.

Your siding and windows not only contribute to your home's defense against outside elements, but also to your home's curb appeal. If that last big storm damaged your siding, or if you think it's time to upgrade your windows, J&J Exteriors can help. We offer vinyl and window replacement services in Brick, NJ and throughout the surrounding areas. We'll give you a beautiful, energy efficient exterior in no time.

Ask about our vinyl siding installation and window replacement services. We serve Brick, NJ and the surrounding areas. We provide a full warranty with every service.

5 reasons to choose vinyl siding for your home

If you need to replace your siding, consider choosing vinyl. Vinyl makes an excellent siding option because:


It's durable against the cold and heat.


It won't rust.


It improves your home's insulation, which will lower your energy bills.


It comes in a variety colors, textures and designs.


It's resistant to termites and water damage.

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